The closing pitches will be open to everyone and we strongly encourage everyone to come cheer on their favorite Blue Devils as they showcase their final apps!

The Duke Big Byte Challenge is designed for students (technical & non-technical) to build mobile apps that run on iOS devices, get fed, compete for prizes across different categories and most importantly: meet new people and develop new skills. Our coding competition will introduce you to the latest cutting edge tools and frameworks to help you build smarter and faster.

Students are welcome to code in any language they prefer for the back-end but the user interface must be either a native iOS application or viewable in a stock Safari mobile browser on iPad in order to be eligible to compete for prizes. Engineers from both Apple and AT&T will be on site throughout the weekend to help teams, with a maximum of 3 members, build their apps and solve problems they may encounter in developing their app.

We will also have iPads to borrow to test your app if you don't already have one.

Hackathon Sponsors


$11,268 in prizes

Best use of the iTunes Store Catalog

13" MacBook Air (128 GB) for each member of the team (up to 3 members) that has the best use of the iTunes Store Catalog.

Best Native (Objective-C) App

64 GB iPad Mini (Wi-Fi) for the team that creates the best native iOS (Objective-C) app

Best use of AT&T API

13" MacBook Air (128 GB) for each member of the team (up to 3 members) that has the best use of AT&T-provided APIs

Audience Choice

64 GB iPad Mini (Wi-Fi) and $500 in Visa Gift Cards for each member of the team (up to 3 members) as voted on by the audience at the final presentations

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • Must be a currently enrolled student at Duke.
  • AT&T and Apple employees / interns may participate but are not eligible to win Sponsored prizes.
  • May not be employed by a company that retains intellectual property ownership of any developed code.
  • You will own all of the rights to your app.


If you made a native Objective-C app, include an archive of your Xcode project.

If you did website, include the URL to where it is hosted or the front-end HTML files.


No changes may be made to any code after Sunday night at 11:59pm.

How to enter

Registration is closed at this time.


Big Byte Challenge Judging Panel

Big Byte Challenge Judging Panel

Judging Criteria

  • Ability to clearly articulate what your app does
  • Originality of idea
  • Technically challenging implementation

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